Patrick S. from Pennsylvania

December 3, 2017
Helmet fit is perfect. My head measures 23" and I ordered a size large because I wanted the helmet to fit snug. The air flow is amazing with all of the vents open. I have read reviews that the helmet is loud or the air flow is too great. I prefer to have the option to open or close the vents for more or less flow depending on the temperature. In my opinion no helmet is going to be noise canceling. The helmet comes with two visors both clear and smoke, which are very easy to switch out. Visors are quality construction. The anti fog insert that comes with the helmet keep the visor clear in all riding conditions. Whether you are sweating or cold the visor will not fog. The helmet looks cool in every way. For a median range price I feel the helmet will serve you well for every day riding/commuting. Perhaps not a track helmet but I don't ride at a track. Also, reviewers have said the small knobs ion the visor are annoying in your peripheral view. I disagree. You would have to be really trying to look out of the corner of your eye to see these. When riding, I feel your head moves with your eyes left to right. It is not often that your head stays straight and your eyes move to extreme left or right. Overall 5/5 rating. The only other helmet I have owned is a older hjc cs12 and this helmet blows it away for a sub $500 helmet.

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