Caonabo R. from Florida

September 19, 2016
After 2,500 miles on Sheila (Hayabusa Gen 1) wearing the jacket and armor in the Florida sun and rain: Scorpion Eddy Jacket Very Comfortable, Air flows thru at low speed (20 to 45 miles), Very Breathable at higher speed (55 to xxx), shoulders flaps again helmet after 70 miles requiring pulling down from waste, this is due to the leaning forward position on sport bikes, however no flapping occurs when seating in a more vertical position. In the rain without the lining you'll get wet after a few minutes at low speed, at higher speed you'll notice the impact of the water, it will quickly dry once the rain subsides with the exception of your collar (if you leave it outside the jacket), however with the lining in the rain at any speed you'll remain rain free, but a bit wet from the sweat and extremely hot and sweaty in the sun. The jacket did not stained much with the grime and bugs from the road, easy to wash with cool water and no drying (just hang it), removal and re-installation of Sas-Tec armor was relatively easy, and colors did not run. The jacket comes with a thin pad for back protection (no armor), I bought a Sas-Tec back protector which fit perfectly (see video). SAS-TEC SC-1/15 CE Approved Back Protector Light weight, soft to the touch, malleable, non-restrictive, flows some air thru, comfortable to wear. Haven't test the armor protection in real crash just yet (hope not to have that opportunity), however conducted a minor unscientific test in the video below. Conclusion: Very satisfied with jacket and armor for non-track riding city/highway, very reasonable priced, good quality, and very good customer service from MotorcyleGear. Recommended. Video URL: Safe Riding, and if you are in South Florida Good Luck!.

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