Mark B. from New York

January 30, 2015
I first saw these helmets at the IMS in 2012, and had the oppurtunity to compare them directly to higher priced models from Arai and Schuberth - This RPHA looks and feels just as nice in my hands, is super light weight for a flip-up and VERY quiet. The fit is very comfortable for me, comparable to my Suomy and other HJCs I've had. My only complaint after 2 years of use is in heavy rain I get some water splashing on my face and on the inside of the visor - Holding my hand over the chin opening stops it, but I think it's mostly to do with the windshield on my bike and where it's directing the airflow. I normally wear a Small helmet, including my other HJCs, but I ordered the XS for this one and it feels perfect.
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