Rick W. from Texas

September 18, 2013
Disclaimer: this is my first helmet. The only other one I've worn for an extended period was during my safety course. That said... Great helmet! The padding is removable which will definitely be helpful during the summer. The ventilation is good, and it's comfortable overall. My head is sort of long/narrow, and the cheek pads feel a bit big. At a stand-still the shield fogs up on me, but once I start moving it almost instantly dissipates; if I'm standing still for an extended period, I'll open it a crack and close when it's safe to do so. And noise reduction! This helmet dramatically reduces wind noise. When moving at a good clip, it sounds like being in a car on the freeway. Without a helmet it sounds like being in a car on the freeway with the windows open... and that's at 20mph.
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