Brian H. from Tennessee

April 13, 2013
I already have a Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 Mesh Jacket, which is still in good shape and very comfortable after several Years of wear. Since I've gone from a naked bike to a BMW R1100RT with a fairing that's legendary for wind protection, I needed some armored mesh pants. When I saw these reasonably priced Joe Rocket Phoenix 3.0 pants, I knew they would be solid and well made (they are), I got the grey ones (for coolness) even though they looked to be a very light grey. In fact they are significantly darker than the pictures. The mesh parts are as dark as the solid parts look in the picture, and the solid parts are a quiet mid gray shade. I think they look really good, and they are very comfortable and cool. There's less mesh that I expected, but it seems to be in all the places it needs to be to keep a good airflow, and it means the pants are still very protective. There are only two pockets (on the thighs) but they are fairly big, and very secure. I don't use pants pockets much when I'm riding (I don't want to fall on hard stuff in my pockets :) ) so just having these two is fine by me for my wallet and spare earplugs and spare key. I am delighted with my purchase.
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