Mike from Virginia

August 2, 2011
This tail bag has to be one of the best accessories I've ever gotten for the bike. I use it nearly every time I ride to work to carry the sundry stuff I need on and off the bike (street shoes, spare visor, etc). I started out using saddle bags but the ability to load the tail bag inside and carry it to and from the motorcycle is much more practical, and safer depending on where you park. Even with heavy items, such as a few water bottles and tools for long rides, it stays stable. The construction is good and after several months of use it is still practically new and holding up very well. The body is stiff enough to stand up on its own but flexible enough to hold things that are a touch wider or taller than the measured size. I also ordered the Rapid Transit Recon 19 tank bag (not in this photo). It fits the bike as though it was cut and sewn just for my tank, just exactly as long and as wide as will fit without interfering with the controls. The fact that it has backpack straps and looks like a camelback is very convenient. Even though the map pocket is pretty narrow the cellphone pocket fits my Droid perfectly. This is what I slap on the bike for fun all day trips to hold a camera snacks and water.
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