SPENCER D. from Arizona

July 19, 2011
I bought this gear for a 6,600 mile trip from Tucson-Minneapolis-Chicago-Boston-Pensacola-Austin-Tucson (with other stops in between). I went through some cold mountain roads in Colorado, dry heat in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and humid heat in Florida and Louisiana. There was also about 200 miles of good rain on the way out of Chicago, plus another few hundred in Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio, Alabama, and Florida. I'd say I've pretty thoroughly tested this gear. The jacket and pants breathe well with liners removed, but the pants are unpleasant with the rain liner in dry weather - in the wet, the liner was awesome, I just wish I had taller and waterproof boots. After an extended ride in heavy rain, water soaked in through the neck opening of the jacket even with the liner in, but I'd say that's no surprise. While I appreciate the versatility of the two separate liners for the jacket, only the shell and quilted liner have inside pockets - the rain liner doesn't.

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