GJ from Montreal, Canada

February 12, 2011
I bought 2 pairs of the Cortech CPX pants in black and tan size 34X34" to go with my Rukka jacket. Both look great. Though I haven't ridden in them yet (still winter here) they feel VERY comfortable. They are heavy when you pick them up, but you don't feel it once you're wearing them. I'm 6'1" 180lbs with long legs and these are long enough even when in riding position they don't rise up (many might have to shorten them a bit (which is easier then doing the opposite). I think they look great and casual and the added protection appears to be of very high quality, these pants are probably the best made pants I've come along in a while (I paid much more for kevlar jeans that don't feel as safe as these). And the price is ridiculous, I mean normal jeans I buy are usually 2-3X the price of these so quite a bargain! Also bought the Alpinestars Reflex Knee Guards. Was impressed with that too except for the fact that the velcro easily gets caught on the elastic band and rips fibers off every time you arent extra careful when manipulating them (they should have tried a different material for the elastic band to avoid velcros from sticking to it in areas where you don't want them to stick when manipulating them). Other then that, I think they are the perfect kit to go with the CPX pants and offer some serious protection. High quality, low price, whats not to love. Shipping was fast too considering Im in Canada.
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