Rick Arnold from North Carolina

July 21, 2010
This is a write up for the Tour Master Draft Air Jacket. I picked this up on sale because I needed a mesh-style jacket for summer riding. Here in NC we go weeks on end at 94 degrees and up in the summer. Just today I went for a ride, and I left the house around 10 am. My house thermometer in the shade said 86, and weatherbug.com said 88 with a heat index of 92. I was out for about an hour and half, rode around 80 miles. By the time I returned, my house thermometer said 89, and weatherbug.com said 90 with a heat index of 99. It was sunny out the whole time with a light breeze, I just want to give you an accurate description of conditions. I was completely comfortable the whole time. The rest of me was rigged out in an HJC helmet, a pair of light Power Trip gloves, jeans, and my riding boots. I wore a sleeveless t-shirt under the jacket. Tons of air flow through that thing, I was only ever 'hot' when I hit a stop sign for more than 30 seconds or a stop light. The jacket is really comfortable, and it fits me really well. I'm 5'8" about 180lbs and I ordered a Medium. I like the armor in the jacket, great zippers and hardware, and plenty of pockets for wallet/phone/ipod. The material around the cuffs and collar is especially nice and soft, and doesn't hold heat. The cuffs are very adjustable to be strapped down for gauntlets or opened up for air movement up the arms (which I did today). With its price (60 bucks) and quality of jacket, you cannot beat it for warm weather riding. I am very happy with this purchase, the very prompt shipping from NewEnough and the excellent customer support/service. Thanks again NewEnough! :)
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