Ronald C. from California

July 17, 2010
I purchased the FieldShear Compact saddle bags for a trip to move my motorcycle from my old home in Atlanta, GA. to my new home in San Francisco, CA. I used a Held tank bag and the FS Compact saddlebags as my only luggage for the 7 day trip. The saddlebags contained a tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, clothes, an extra liter of fuel and "walking shoes". The tank bag contained more clothes, a netbook computer, and those things I needed to get to quickly. I had more than enough room for everything, including rain gear. I admit, I travel very very lightly, but the FS Compact saddlebags worked extremely well. I am very happy with them. The one aspect of them that didn't work out was the rain covers; they actually shredded themselves and came apart in the wind when I left them on after a hard rain shower. It didn't matter too much as everything in the bags were in garbage bags anyway "just in case" but as it was I hit maybe 10 minutes of rain on the entire trip. The bags themselves were awesome!!
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