Shaun B. from Colorado

July 15, 2010
These bags are a good overall setup. I like the size and amount of space that they offer, and appear to be well constructed. Pros: Large amount of usable space. Construction quality looks good. Comes with rain covers. Solid zippers - nicely sized (as in bigger, not a small wimpy zipper). Top mounting the Tail Bag to the Saddlebags was easy and solid. The straps between the Saddlebags is beefy and fully Velcro the length of the straps. Cons: The inserts that provide the Saddlebags stiffness could use some more anchor points. There is one loop at the top to pass it through, and two sleeves on the bottom - nothing on the sides or anywhere else. Overall Impression: Great bags for the price - I have only had these a short time, however the space and arrangement of bags is very good. From the pockets to the forethought of putting a fabric "hinge" to keep the sides from flapping all the way open, shows consideration of how the consumers actually use these products.
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