Kristopher A. from North Carolina

November 9, 2010
***First I'd like to say that my experience ordering from NewEnough was great, as always. Their selection and prices have always been competitive.*** I bought this helmet for my wife as a cheap helmet to use until the Shoei Sylvan tc-7 goes on sale somewhere (because she absolutely loves that one). from the other reviews I read here and on other sites, I was expecting decent quality. I did not get what I was expecting. This helmet is VERY low quality. The clear face-shield that came with the helmet doesn't even fit the helmet properly. When it's closed, there's a huge gap between the shield and the rubber molding that it's SUPPOSED to seal against, so there's wind noise there. The shield ALSO doesn't lock closed with the button built into the shield that's supposed to lock it down. I ordered a pink iridium shield for it, and although the fitment is much better with the pink shield (and the lock actually works), it's still very apparently a low quality shield, as it's NOT optically correct. This, in my opinion, is terrible for a motorcycle face-shield. There's no excuse for it. If this weren't being used as a temporary helmet until the Shoei she wants goes on sale, I'd have returned it already. The quality differences between this helmet and my two Bell helmets are so far apart, no comparison can even be made. On the plus side, the design looks pretty good in person. Unfortunately, that really is the only compliment I can give this helmet. My advice is to spend some extra money and get a better helmet from a better brand. NewEnough carries many much better quality helmets to chose from.

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