Adam from Chicago

November 24, 2010
The Tour Master and FirstGear mesh jackets are pretty much a requirement for hot, Summer weather. No other jacket I've tried, be it perforated leather, multiple-vented, etc., is as comfortable in hot weather. The Fieldsheer backpack is an inexpensive motorcycle-specific backpack; it has straps to secure it across your chest and waist and has an external helmet-containing system. I use the silk glove liners all the time, for comfort, not warmth; they prevent chafing regardless of the gloves I wear over them, but don't provide much warmth, meaning they work well in the Summer but not so much when the weather's cold. The Tour Master pants unfortunately did not fit as described; even with the liner out they were too tight, and I observed the sizing chart provided. The Joe Rocket boots were very nice, and were comfortable, but I didn't realize they had no flexibility at the ankle, making them difficult to even walk in, let alone shift gears with.

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