WudeTone from Arizona

November 20, 2010
The Nelson-Rigg CL-700 Tail Bag is quite large. It easily holds a sweat shirt, gloves, my lunch, house keys, a couple of books, and my FirstGear Splash jacket and pants...all with the bag unexpanded. I commute almost 20 miles one way to work (15+ on the freeway), and I have never had to worry about the bag shifting or falling off - the straps keep it very secure to my luggage rails under the tail fairing. The FirstGear Splash jacket and pants work great as wind breakers. Even at freeway speeds and 50 degree weather, they keep the wind out, and they don't flap around annoyingly. I haven't had the opportunity to test them out in the rain (I live in AZ), but they seem like they would hold up just fine in wet weather. I wear a size 42 US leather riding jacket and the large Splash jacket fits well over the top of it - not so tight that you can't move or get it off and on, but not so loose as to get in the way of anything. I also wear size 34/34 pants, and the large Splash pants have the same fit over my jeans as the jacket. The only problem with the pants is that they are about an inch shorter than I would like, but I decided that I would rather have them a little short rather than way too big around the waist - I would have had to go to an XXL in order to get to a 34.5" inseam from the L's and XL's 33.5" inseam. Overall, I am quite happy with all three products.
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