Matt S. from Ohio

December 17, 2009
My first bike in years, and it only took me an hour on the web to find the best motorcycle gear shop on the web! Allow me a moment before my testimonial to thank the staff at for the fantastic service! Returns are a breeze! Products ship fast! You can always get someone on the phone to talk to! These are the things that will keep me coming back! Helmet - EXO-900 Scorpion Helmet - Great helmet for big guys! I have a large melon, and this thing fits great! Full of features, and quite a conversation piece everywhere I go. Jacket - Scorpion Strike Jacket - Again, great for big guys, available in tall sizes. Warm enough, cool enough, looks good (matches the wheels on my FZ1) and still gives a great "feeling" of protection. Icon Gloves - Great Fit, stay tight. Not super warm though....but nothing stops me from cruisin when I can!
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