Tony B. from California

December 14, 2009
I've been using the Cortech Super-Mini for a few weeks now, as a daily commute bag and recently on a 1200mi 4 day trip. Having had a few "normal" sized tank bags in the past, the super-mini definitely lives up to its name. On my particular bike, a Buell Ulysses, I am limited to bags of this size due to available tank real estate, and while small, it works out great as a daily use bag. The window on the top works for short quick sets of directions, but it is a little too small for a useful map for longer trips as you'd need to be flipping or changing it far too frequently. The bag attaches quite securely with the straps and the neoprene base is doing a good job of protecting my all plastic "tank". The pockets inside are handy and the included rain cover works well, as I have unfortunately already had the opportunity to test it. My one complaint is with the snap on the map window as it doesn't seem to attach securely and often pops loose; while the panel is not at risk of falling off, it then flaps around. To resolve I will be sewing on a piece of velcro.
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