David C. from California

December 10, 2009
Been one year since I've bought and started using these products, so time to review them! The teknic sprint pants are awesome winter grade pants. They're warm, especially with the liner. In windy Bay Area night winter weather (40-50 F), these bad boys are my first choice. They double as my ski pants. The thing I like about the pants are the zippers at the bottom of the legs and the adjustable waist. Makes getting out of them easy. I wear them with the detachable suspenders so I can get them a little looser. More comfortable. Water proofing: I would rate these good for light to moderate rain. Heavy rain and they leak right at the boys. Not pleasant. Durability is very good. I expect to get one or two more riding season out of them. These are cold weather pants. Without the liners, they're fair weather pants. Do not use them as summer or warm weather pants. Teknic speedstar gloves: Good gloves. Protective. Nice wrist guard. Feel of the controls is very good. Works well in warm weather up to breezy weather. I run them in cold weather too, but only because of heated grips. The bad: These gloves bleed ink when it rains. Doesn't matter how many showers you've been through. I've been through a lot. They always bleed whatever color ink you get them. My fingers were always an interesting red after rain. Wearing inserts takes care of this problem, but something to be aware of. Squad 2 backpack: This is a good backpack for the bike. It's reflective. It's got hi-vis colors. The helmet storage bag is nice as are the straps that cinch everything down. The external side pockets are nice and the card holders are great for military folk. Just be sure to tie the card holders to the D rings so they don't fly away. I don't trust the velcro attachment the card holders use. I did lose one on the highway. The bad: This pack has some possible construction issues. I may have gotten a bad one, but the shoulder strap tore away from the bottom of the pack. Looking at that connecting point, you can see that the design is not beefy so I'm not actually surprised it did that. If you get the pack, I would consider reinforcing that point somehow like taping it to the waist supporters. Still, great backpack. On a side note, NewEnough helped me through the warranty process for the squad backpack. Made it painless and efficient. Their customer service is top-notch which is why I keep coming back to these guys.
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