Matthew O. from California

October 3, 2009
I had to try on a few different sizes before I found the right fit, but once I did they're quite comfortable (and aren't even broke in yet) and high quality, as I expect from Alpinestars. The pants are not perforated and have no evident venting, and the only textile component is a stretch panel on the back of the calves. That said, they're fine temperature-wise up to at least 80', but I'm sure they'll get warm much above that. Regarding the fit; I ended up purchasing a size or two above that recommended for my waist size (~30" waist, size 50 fit) in order to fit my thighs. There's some extra room in the waist, but that doesn't really seem to matter. If you have above average sized thighs, consider trying a size bigger that the size chart recommends for your waist.
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