Sidi Vertigo Motorcycle Boots (White Only) ::

Sidi Vertigo Boots (White Only)

Features of all Vertigo Models:

  • Lorica outer shell, which offers breathability, reduced weight, more flexibility, and more feel
  • Patented adjustable calf system
  • Shock absorbing molded heel cup
  • Lined with lightweight perforated Teflon treated fabric to allow moisture to “breath”
  • Dual compound, non-slip sole for maximum comfort and safety
  • Plastic insole and inner shank for comfort, support, durability, and protection
  • Inner ankle area is lined with memory foam
  • Malleolus guard on the outer edge to protect the small and vulnerable foot bones
  • Vent panel can be adjusted to admit air or be completely closed off (keeps water out too).
  • CE approval (meets specific protection criteria)

More features specific to the “standard” (not Corsa) Vertigo model:

  • Vertebra system panels move independently which allows enhanced performance as well as forming a shield protecting the back of the rider’s leg
  • Replaceable thermoplastic resin ankle ball protection cup
  • Bolt on replaceable, adjustable, and aerodynamic nylon/ceramic skid pads
  • Replaceable shin deflector plate made of thermoplastic resin construction

Note: This feature list is condensed. For complete details, take a minute to browse through Sidi’s information pages.

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Sizing Information

These boots have the same basic overall fit as the Sidi Vertebra/Strada products, so if you’ve had fit experience with those, you’ll be fine with the Vertigo boots of the same size. The calf adjustment capability on these boots is very effective and has a WIDE adjustment range, so if you have big calves, this is your boot! Visit our Sidi Sizing Information page for complete size conversion info (ladies can use the chart at the bottom of the page). We feel the chart works well to choose a size based upon a US shoe size. We estimate the width of these boots to be “medium” or “D” width.

Our Two Cents

Wow, what a great deal!. Our US distributor will not include the White color in their 2010 lineup, so we were able to buy them at a great discount.

Sidi’s Vertigo design is a breakthrough for race boot design. In addition to all the obvious safety features and the great styling of these boots, there are a couple remarkable new features. Sidi’s new calf size adjustment feature is just great. It offers a very wide adjustment range and the mechanism is easy to use. The calf adjustment is a great feature for those who would wear the boots with leathers tucked in sometimes, but then wear them under jeans other times, by allowing you to adjust the calf easily to be comfortable and have a good fit. The tops of the boots are cut slightly higher in the front than in the back which makes the fit very comfortable for riding and walking (probably have to try them on to see what I mean). The side zipper in this design is placed slightly more forward that in previous designs which makes them a bit easier to put on too. I also like the adjustable air flow port on the side. It looks sturdy and the mechanism works well. Of course you get the articulating ankle support design (as offered by about all good race boots these days), but Sidi has added an extra heel impact absorption. I’m no expert on the mechanics of this device, but it looks like and feels like it will be very effective. Click on the product images to read why Motorcyclist magazine named the Vertigo line its “Best New Product”.

Expanded Warranty Available: Motonation is the exclusive US importer for Sidi boots. They offer an optional warranty for certain models that expands the warranty coverage to include such things as crash damage, damage from ripping or tearing due to catching on something, even pet damage after your dog chews them up! You can read about this option here. You must purchase the warranty within 5 days of receiving your purchase (but don’t buy the warranty until you receive your boots and you are sure they are keepers!). Disclaimer: The warranty is not a product offered by New Enough and we have nothing to do with the sale or administration of the warranty.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Al l
Location: California

Thanks to Newenough for the great price on a pair of awesome boots!

From: Rommel
Location: California

Retired my old Sidi boots and purchased a size I usually wear when buying a regular shoe. Fits comfortably! I always get good service from New Enough. (Read more...)