FirstGear HT Air 2.0 Overpants ::

FirstGear HT Air 2.0 Overpants

  • Ballistic Mesh-Tex construction
  • Abrasion-resistant nylon panels
  • Waterproof/breathable Sheltex removable liner
  • Temperfoam knee armor
  • 3 zippered pockets
  • Full-length, 2-way leg zippers for easy on/off
  • Powerstretch panels at knees for comfort
  • Adjustable side waist belts and reflective trim

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Sizing Information

These pants are made to be worn over street clothes; the sizing of the waist includes enough room to go over clothing, so you’d want to buy the size pants you normally would buy. For inseam they are offered in both short and tall versions, so you can consult the chart to pick the best inseam.

Size Regular Inseam Length Tall Inseam Length Short Inseam Length
30 31 1/2”
32 31 1/2”
34 31 3/4” 34” 29 1/2”
36 32” 35” 30”
38 32 1/4” 35 1/2” 30 1/2”
40 32 1/2” 36” 30 1/2”
42 33”
44 33”
46 33 1/2”
48 33 1/2”

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Here’s a deal. We bought all remaining inventory of this product and we are offering them at a terrific value. Our Two Cents from the ‘10 season: The HT Air Overpants combine “free air” design with a removable windproof and waterproof liner to provide about the best “all weather” design of its kind. We have lots of “free air” pants from various manufacturers, but this one is the only one that will work over a wide temperature range. Like the latest “free air” design jackets, these pants have a removable liner that will break the wind and keep out the water in cooler weather. But then when it heats up, you can take out the liner and let the wind blow through. These pants would be an ideal choice for the traveler with limited space and a wide variety of weather conditions to contend with. And an over-pant design is ideal for commuters. You can wear them over your street clothes and then conveniently step out of the pants when you get where you are going using the long side zippers. These side zippers are also “two way” meaning they’ll zip down from the waist as well as up from the ankle. This feature lets you reach into your jeans pockets easily. Take the “View Larger Pictures” link above for a really good set of photos that shows this pant’s key features. The pants come complete with Temperfoam armor in the knees. This type of armor is soft and pliable, but gets momentarily hard in case of an impact. The pants come with some thin foam removable hip pads.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: maren r.
Location: Montana

Good protection in these, too-- on a rough dirt road, a truck veered into me, I had to hit the deck--- went down on left side- the hip pad worked-- no dents on me and not a mark on the pants. First Gear is great gear! New Enough, I recommend you to all my rider friends. (Read more...)

From: Marwan E.
Location: Texas

I bought these pants to go with my first gear mesh jacket. On fit, I wear between a 32-33 waist and I bought a 34. With the adjustable velcro, the waist fit is not much of a problem. (Read more...)