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Speed and Strength Thermal Neck Warmer

  • Fleece material protects neck from wind and provides warmth
  • Ideal for cold weather riding
  • 100% polyester

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One size fits all

Our Two Cents

This neck warmer is easy to use and will keep the cold off your neck and lower jaw. This unit will fit just about anybody. It can rest comfortably under the chin or you can pull it up to cover part of your face (whatever works with your helmet type).

The fleece is a heavy weight and it is doubled. You can use this with either the black side out or the red side out. :: Paul, 08-30-19

Speed and Strength says: Protect all of your body from the wind and the chill with the Speed and Strength® Neck Warmer. Tucks away when you don’t need it, but makes all the difference when the temp is low but the mph is high.

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