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Dainese D1 Air Motorshoes

  • High tenacity polyamide fabric
  • Suede Microfiber
Performance Shock
  • Reinforced polyurethane heel structure
  • Rigid inserts on ankles
  • Shoes certified to CE – Cat. II – EN 13634 Standard
  • Closing with laces
  • Lace retention system
  • Polyurethane grip control insert
Temperature Adjustment
  • Mesh liner
  • Ventilated fabric
General Features
  • Gear shifter guard in TPU
  • Reflective inserts
  • Rubber outsole with differentiated design

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Sizing Information

We tried a selection of these boots in our showroom and found the size chart conversion to be accurate for length. The width of the boots is “medium” or C/D width. We suggest using the size chart to choose a size based upon your US shoe size, or of course choose the European size you wear if you know it. Click the image below to make it bigger:

Our Two Cents

The Dainese D1 Motorshoes for 2019 are a sharp, sport style armored riding shoe. This style is offered in an “Air” version (sold on this product page) and a waterproof version, called the D-WP (take the link below to view the waterproof version). These shoes have reinforcements built into the ankles, toe and heel areas.

I like the way these shoes feel. We sell a lot of lace-up motor shoes like this, and many feel sort of “light duty” but these D1 motor shoes feel more substantial. The upper is a combination of materials. The fabric parts of the shoe are a VERY heavy duty material which should wear well and also hold up in case of a fall. The toe area has the usual rubber overlay and the toe area is reinforced internally (but nothing noteworthy). And the ankle bone internal armor pieces are much like other boots too. They feel like firm plastic or rubber discs inserted between the outer material and the liner. They are sufficiently padded to make them comfortable to wear.

The one feature I like about the construction of this boot are the “grip control” material on the inside of the boot. There is a molded rubber insert surrounded by a couple of raised bands of rubberized material. Those can be useful to get a bit of extra grip on your bike parts when riding. Another feature I like there are the lace eyelets that are recesses to prevent wear and snagging. Up near the top of the boot, there is an elastic band you can use to capture your loose lace ends.

The “Air” version allows air to flow through the shoe with the fabric panels. These should be very comfortable in warmer weather. The D1 D-WP waterproof version looks the same as the air but this version has a waterproof membrane fitted between the outer material and the liner. The waterproof liner keeps water out (of course), but it will also halt the air passage into the boot, so this boot will be best for warm to cooler weather, and of course wet weather. With a short boot like this, even the waterproof version would be tolerable in warmer weather, so I’d say the “air” version would be the ideal choice for those riding in very hot and arid climates where rain isn’t often a factor. Otherwise the D1 D-WP version would be the best choice. :: Paul, 03-03-19

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