Joe Rocket Alter Ego 4.1 Jacket ::

Joe Rocket Alter Ego 4.1 Jacket

Rock Tex™ / Mesh MetaSport II Hybrid

Expand your riding climate range in comfort and style with the Alter Ego 4.1 thanks to the next generation MetaSport II System. A three layer system comprised of a C.E. armored, Free Air™ mesh inner jacket that easily transitions to a fully WATERPROOF zip-on outer layer, and warm removable -fleece- (it is actually a quilted nylon material) vest liner for extra cold rides.



  • Waterproof treated Rock Tex™ 660 and Hitena outer shell that covers an armored mesh jacket underneath!
  • Variable Flow™ ventilation system with waterproof zippers
  • Cross Linked Ventilation™ with Wind Tunnel Cooling Patent Pending
  • Multi-point Sure Fit™ adjustment system
  • 360° reflectivity
  • Extended mandarin collar (microfiber lined)

MESH JACKET Inner Layer (Black for all outer shell colors)

  • Heavy duty polyamide Free Air™ mesh
  • C.E. Certified armor (shoulders & elbows)
  • Removable spine armor
  • Ultra-low profile neoprene collar
  • Removable quilted vest warmth liner
  • Multi-point Sure Fit™ adjustment system
  • Pockets for eye glasses and a separate pocket for a helmet visor
  • 360° reflectivity

The Mesh Layer Is Black For All Outer Shell Colors

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Sizing Information

The overall fit of this jacket is very “standard”. We checked some sizes against Joe Rocket’s size chart and found the estimated chest sizes to be accurate. We also tried on a Medium and XL on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey and they look great (view those shots by taking the View Larger Images link above). Therefore, I recommend you choose the size jacket you normally wear in men’s clothing. You can use the chart to choose if you know your chest size.

This jacket has a wide range of adjustment in the waist area. There are two side adjusters that work well. In their wide-open position, they will allow for a roomy belly, but they can also be snugged up by several inches for flat bellies. I checked the size XL on this and with the adjusters fully open, the max belly was about 46” and fully adjusted in, it was about 38”. So really this jacket can be made to work for just about any body type, and I’d suggest choosing almost solely on your chest size and the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

If you are tall and often buy tall size jackets, you are in luck here because they are available in the Black color. Tall sizes are about 1 1/2” taller in the sleeves and torso than standard sizes.

We’ve seen a great deal of consistency of fit in Joe Rocket jackets from one model to the next over the years. For those that have owned a Joe Rocket jacket in the past, it makes it a bit easier to purchase a new one knowing what size you owned before.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Joe Rocket’s Alter Ego 4.1 is an update to their previous Alter Ego 3.0 jacket. The Alter Ego line has been around for years. It is one of the “all season” jackets we sell that really does work well. You can go from very hot weather to cold weather and everything in between.

The overall construction of this jacket is that of a full mesh jacket with the armor and a back pad with a complete removable solid textile shell that fits over the mesh jacket when the weather turns wet or cold. The way it goes together is relatively simple. There are two larger zips inside the main closure that connects the outer layer over the mesh jacket and then there are just a few other locations where you tie the two together (sleeve ends and at the back of the neck). It is really easy and quick to make it work. We have a good spread of photos that show the various parts of the jacket which will give you a visual idea of how it works. The concept of a fully convertible jacket is a good one. I can see where it would be particularly useful for those who tour in a wide range of weather conditions. It would have the effect of reducing the amount of gear you have to carry.

This new version of the Alter Ego has an improved venting option on the outer layer. There are a couple large torso vents in front and also a couple exhaust vents in back. And those two front vents use Joe Rocket’s “Cross Linked Ventilation” setup which is basically a couple snaps that are hidden behind the vents that you snap together when the vents are open. When snapped together, the vents are kept open wide to admit the most air. And for the colder weather you might come up against, there is a zip-in thermal liner layer. That layer can be added with or without the textile outer shell in use. So you can see there are LOTS of ways to use this jacket depending upon the weather conditions.

One other nice little feature…the series of main snaps on the textile outer layer are hidden and covered with fabric which will cut down on things hitting the pain of your tank. Nice touch. Notice in our photo gallery the pockets inside the mesh jacket. One pocket is for glasses or your technology and one is for a full face visor. That pocket positions your extra shield around your torso. To my knowledge no other brand has this, but it seems to be a really good idea.

I really think a four season “convertible” design like this is great for riders who really don’t want to go for two or more jackets to cover all the bases and just want to have one, particularly if you live where a full mesh jacket is the only tolerable gear to wear in the hottest months of summer. This one covers the full range. :: Paul, 12-04-17

Note about color choices: There are color choices in the outer shell of the jacket, but the inner mesh jacket for ALL COLORS is black as shown in our photo gallery.