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Spidi Super-R Jacket (SOLD OUT)

  • Force-Tech removable protectors CE certified EN 1621-1:2012 shoulder and elbows protectors
  • Arrangement for Warrior chest protector Lev. 1 Z138
  • Arrangement for back protector CE Lev.1 Z54
  • Arrangement for back protector CE Lel. 2 Z147
  • Arrangement for holding CE (Lev. 2) back protector Z172
  • Warrior shields on shoulders and elbows
  • 50% waterproof garment
  • C06-B
  • Pants clip to join jacket/trousers
  • Step in Clothing: layered clothing system optional
  • Zip fastener to join jacket/trousers
  • Average weight 2,5 Kg
  • Adjustable waist fastening
  • Accordion
  • Cowhide, 1.1/1.2 mm thick, high safety performance
  • Premium leather tanned in Italy
  • High tenacity elastic flex tenax Nylon 6.6, extreme abrasion resistance
  • Do not Wash – Do not bleach – Do not tumble dry – Line drying in the shade – Do not iron – Do not dry clean – Do not wring

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Sizing Information

We measured a selection of these jackets and also tried them on our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey to see how they fit. Huey is wearing a Euro 54 and Dewey is in a 58 which both look great.

This product is sold in European sizes. As a general rule, the US chest size in inches is equivalent to roughly 10 points less than the European jacket size. Example: a 56 Euro jacket is similar to a size 46/XL men’s US size. This jacket runs a bit more snug than that, so I estimate the equivalent US chest size is about 11 points less than the Euro size (about 1/2 size smaller than usual). I’d suggest you measure yourself with a tape and get your chest size and belly size, then use the size chart below to pick the smallest size jacket that will be big enough for both your chest and belly. Approximate US alpha sizes are also listed in the chart so you can check if the jacket size you choose is the same alpha size as you normally wear in men’s clothing.

I’d call the overall cut of this jacket “sport”. It is meant to give a snug sport fit, but not as sung as a race jacket. The difference between the max chest and max belly is about 3”. Just as a comparison, sport/race jackets will taper more like 4” to 6” from chest to belly depending on the model. The overall fit if this style is much more forgiving and will fit a wider range of body types and it will be more practical and comfortable for every day street wear.

Sizing tips for upgrading armor: If you plan to add a back protector add 1” to your measured chest/belly size before using the size chart.

Euro Size Max Chest (inches) Max Belly (inches) Approx US Alpha Size
46 35 32 XS
48 37 34 Small -
50 39 36 Small
52 41 38 Medium
54 43 40 Large
56 45 43 Large +
58 47 44 XL +

Below is the link to Spidi’s generic sizing information for additional reference:

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Product Video

Our Two Cents

Spidi’s Super-R Jacket is a sharp design. It is a leather sport jacket which is sized and designed more for street than the track, but shares features of their best track jackets. The styling is a bit “retro”, but with their latest tech.

We’ve got two different colors in the studio to check out for the Super-R. Personally I really like the styling, especially the Red/Light Blue and Black/Orange just because of the unusual colors used. The shell of this jacket is all leather with inserts of stretch material in the underarm arm area to improve the fit and flexibility. Also, the jacket has accordion material in back between the shoulder blades to allow some reach forward without restriction. The placement of the stretch material is unusual since most times we see it just behind each arm, but heck, if it works, why not have it in the middle.

The armor package in this jacket is pretty robust. The shoulders and elbows are fitted with molded elbow and shoulder armor and then the shoulders and elbows also have external armor pieces as well. Their “Warrior” armor is permanently fitted on the shoulders and a removable combination slider impact protector is attached to the elbows with Velcro. The combination of all that is pretty robust. I will say though, the removable elbow protector/slider seems like it needs a little work to make it perfect. The Velcro is sewn onto the back side and is a bit wrinkled when it take the curved shape of the armor. And isn’t the location of the armor piece and slider reversed? I’d think the slider needs to be on the bottom side of the unit and the impact armor on the top, but I’ll never slide my elbow on the ground, so I’m no expert. Anyway, I doubt seriously anybody who buys this jacket will drag their elbow so I don’t think it will matter, but there is no doubt the armor will improve the crash protection in the elbow area and it looks sharp regardless!

Back protection is optional here. Spidi supplies Velcro strips on the liner in back to secure the back protector in place. Any of their back protectors will work in the jacket. Click through the links at the bottom of this page for info about the options. Given the robust nature of the shoulder and elbows setup, I’d recommend the Warrior Level 2.

In the liner, the jacket has a full around zipper for connection to pants. I’ve listed a couple suggestions below. The RR Pro Warrior pants have the warrior armor that shows externally on the hips and it matches the armor on the shoulders of the jacket so those seem like a logical choice. If you aren’t the leather sport pant guy, then the jacket also has a rear “pants clip”, which is just a loop that can snap around the belt or belt loop in your jeans.

Another option to consider is the Thermo jacket liner for winter use. It’s a nice unit and will help extend the uses of this jacket into the winter months. Spidi also lists an option rain liner that goes inside the jacket. I really can’t recommend wearing this jacket in the rain (it’s fine leather, duh), so I’m not sure why they pitch the idea of a rain liner. Also, Spidi says the jacket is “50% waterproof”. Just ignore that… I have no idea what they are talking about.

Overall, I really like this jacket, and mostly for the unusual styling. I also like the forgiving fit for street use and the robust armor package. :: Paul, 06-13-19

Spidi says: Super-R is a motorcycle leather jacket with the characteristics of a racing product, featuring external Warrior shields on the shoulders and elbows sliders, in contrast to the vintage design and the precious and supple materials.

Technology By continuous research and experience, gained from Safety Lab, comes a new technology signed by SPIDI, synthesis of history and innovation, two founding values of the Brand. The main goal of the Safety Lab has always been focused on nding the best combination of comfort and safety. After a long time of experimentation on track, through software simulations and tests in the urban environment, engineers of the SPIDI Community created the Warrior Tech, a new technology, with a careful study of bio-mechanics and ergonomics, able to protect the rider in the most sensitive areas in the event of a fall. The never ending research in technical innovations becomes more and more accurate, reaching its peak with the performance of Warrior Tech; a technology able to respond at extreme stress. Thanks to its modular design, it adapts perfectly to the natural shapes of the human body. The most innovative value , focused in the design of its structure that enhance the possibilities offered by polymers and the nonperforming process, allows the industrial production of a protector with impact absorption capacity never reached before. With the application of the Warrior Tech inserts, the safety of the rider reaches a level with no equals, covering an important role as part of the vanguard in technical sports and opening new scenarios in mobility safety, that go far beyond the world of motorsport.

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