Scorpion Transformer Jacket ::

Scorpion Transformer Jacket (M Or L Only)


  • 600D premium nylon shell with 100% polyester dobby mesh for airflow
  • 100% polyester, wear alone or zip in windproof softshell hoody
  • CE Level 1, form adaptable, Sas-Tec® flex armor at shoulders and elbows
  • 6 pockets: 2 chest pockets, 2 hand warmer pockets, 2 internal pockets
  • Forearm, bicep, and waist adjustability for optimal fit
  • YKK zippers
  • NightViz Reflective on shoulders and piping across back
  • Large hole dobby mesh for maximum airflow
  • Tuck away back panel for increased airflow
  • Ergonomically designed backpack to distribute weight evenly across the torso
  • Internal load-adjustment strap and waist straps tightly secure the backpack load
  • 20 liter backpack storage capacity
  • Waterproof backpack compartment
  • Backpack has mesh sidewalls for maximum airflow
  • Outershell + Hoody for protection and warmth
  • Outershell alone for protection and airflow
  • 1 year warranty

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Sizing Information

We tried the size Medium in this jacket on Huey and we put an XL jacket on Dewey. The fit is similar to a casual windbreaker style jacket, which is a more casual fit than with sport cut motorcycle jackets. The use of the backpack feature in this jacket snugs things up a bit when in use, so even though these jackets fit a bit loosely as compared to other styles, I’d advise you to buy the size you normally wear in men’s clothing to get full use out of the backpack. If you are between sizes, I’d suggest buying the smaller.

You can also use the chart below to choose a size based upon your chest and/or belly/waist measurements. With the casual cut of this jacket, it doesn’t taper from chest to waist, so the belly size shouldn’t be a problem for most people in their normal size, but just to be sure, put a tape around both your chest and belly to make sure you are OK on both with the size you’ve chosen.

Size Max Chest Max Belly Sleeve Length (from center of collar in back)
Small 36-38 38 32
Medium 38-42 42 33
Large 42-44 44 34
XL 44-46 46 35
XXL 46-48 48 36
XXXL 48-50 50 37
XXXXL 50-52 52 38
XXXXXL 52-54 54 39

Need help measuring? Get it here we’re done.

Our Two Cents

The new Scoprion Transformer jacket is built to be useful for everything! It has Scorpion’s patented integral backpack system, a separate hoody which you can wear under the jacket or alone as a “destination” jacket and also features great venting for warm weather use. Heck, even the sleeves zip off!

Last fall, we reviewed Scorpion’s Stealthpack jacket, which featured their new integral backpack setup (see link below). This jacket has the same unique backpack feature, but it is more “summer” jacket design. Much of the front of this jacket is full mesh material which will allow a lot of air flow. And the backpack feature in this style is slightly modified so that, when not in use, the solid textile panels that make up the backpack can be stowed into a hidden fanny pack in back, which exposes a huge panel of mesh in back. In that configuration, you’ll have almost a full mesh jacket both front and back.

For cooler weather, the jacket has its own hoody, which is trim enough to comfortably wear under the jacket. It will give you a layer of insulation and acts as a windblock layer to block the air coming through the shell. The hoody is sharp… it’s a black nylon design which will work well with any kind of casual clothing. And if all that weren’t enough flexibility, they’ve set up the jacket so the sleeves can be zipped off! Now keep in mind that you lose your shoulder and elbow armor when the sleeves come off, so I can’t really recommend riding without the sleeves, but it does give you another option in wearing the jacket off the bike. Without the sleeves, and with the backpack, it becomes sort of a “backpack vest”. Wear your hoody underneath for another popular look.

Photos speak louder than words, so have a look at our photo gallery to see photos with the back of this jacket buttoned up like a regular jacket, and then expanded to carry gear. To try out this jacket in the office, I put a boot box from my desk into the backpack and wore the jacket around the office. This thing works pretty well! I was expecting the weight of the boots in the pack would pull the jacket back against my neck, but the weight is pretty well supported by the shoulders and it feels pretty comfortable.

There are buckles hidden in small compartments in back that are used to secure the top of the backpack closed. And also, there is a hidden buckle inside the jacket that secures the bottom part of the pack around the waist. When those are hidden away, you can’t really tell there is anything unusual going on, so this jacket looks nice just for everyday use. Inside the larger backpack compartment is a subdivided waterproof compartment for items that could be damaged by rain. I can see this being handy for papers or a laptop. As I briefly mentioned above, the entire backpack fabric can be rolled down into a hidden fanny compartment which opens up the back area to full mesh.

The liner of this jacket has a pocket to hold an optional back protector. Adding a back protector will slightly reduce the capacity of the back protector, but of course “safety first”. Use the link below to buy the optional SAS-TEC that fits the shape of the pocket. :: Paul, 03-12-20

Scorpion says: The Transformer Jacket by Scorpion EXO can be worn multiple ways to match a variety of weather conditions When temps get cold, wear the softshell hoodie under the mesh outershell. When temps heat up, remove the hoody and tuck away the back panel for maximum airflow. You can even zip off the sleeves and transform the jacket into a vest or wear the hoody alone. All this plus our patent pending backpack feature will transform your riding experience

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