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Icon Hooligan Demo Jacket


  • ICON® Sport Fit
  • Durable 300D polyester chassis with internal reinforcements
  • D30® removable back, elbow and shoulder impact protectors
  • Zippers
  • Mesh ventilation panels
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Sublimated graphics

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Sizing Information

The sizing on this jacket is comparable to other “alpha” sized jackets and is also in line with men’s clothing sizes, so choose the size you normally wear in jackets and shirts. If you want to double check sizing using a tape measure, refer to the chart below. Don’t be concerned that the belly dimensions are much bigger than your measurement—this is part of the “relaxed” styling. Side torso zippers expand the belly region another 5 inches or so if necessary (beyond what we show in the table here).

Size Max Chest Max Belly
Small 38 32
Medium 40 36
Large 44 38
XL 46 40
XXL 48 42
XXXL 50 44
XXXXL 52 46

Our Two Cents

A new version of the Icon Hooligan jacket is back for the 2020 riding season. This Demo version is meant to pair with the new Icon Airflite MIPS Demo Helmet.

Both Hooligan models share a very similar feature list and the main difference between the two is that the “perforated” version uses textile material on the front and back of the torso that is actually perforated all over to allow air flow. What’s the difference between this and a mesh jacket you ask? Well, the functionality is quite similar, but the materials are different. This perforated jacket is made from a solid textile fabric and then holes are cut through it on a tight grid pattern much like you see with perforated leather jackets. A mesh jacket uses a woven textile material with a loose weave to allow air flow. I really don’t know which would be better from a safety point of view, but both methods are designed to be abrasion resistant in case of a fall.

Anyway, both Hooligan styles will vent quite well because both have mesh material used in the underarm area, and then a fabric, which also breathes readily is used on the sides of the torso. Those two areas will catch a lot of air which makes both these styles suited for mild to hot weather. The perforated version just adds another air flow feature to the front and back panels of the torso and top sides of the arms. So choose the perforated Hooligan for hot summer riding, and if most of your riding is in mild to just warmer weather, choose the standard Hooligan.

The Hooligan is fitted with a full compliment of D30 level 1 armor… shoulders, back and elbows, so the armor package is very good and there is nothing else to add (many European brands don’t come with a back pad as standard). If I were to describe the overall protection scheme, I’d say “light to moderate” duty. The armor is the same as many other jackets, but the shell materials used in this jacket are thinner and ligher weight than many more serious jackets. I’m not saying it isn’t a good jacket, I’m just saying this jacket is made to be lighter, easier to wear and more appropriate for slower speed street use. And the lighter duty construction also translates to a very easy sub-$200 MSRP. :: Paul, 05-20-20

Icon says: Comprised of a durable textile chassis and integrated with Iron Weave Mesh™ ventilation panels for excellent airflow, the ICON Hooligan™ jacket is perfect for hot days and fast rides. Internally, the Hooligan™ features a full suite of D3O® armor (back, elbow, and shoulder) just in case you have a solo dance with the gravel-strewn asphalt. Playing rough in the streets is the name of the game, and the Hooligan™ leads the pack.

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