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REV'IT! Globe GTX Pants

  • Outer shell: 2L nylon 400D GORE-TEX® fabric | 3L GORE-TEX® nylon 400D fabric
  • Protection: SEEFLEX™ Level 2 CE protection | SEESMART™ CE-level 1 type B hip protector insert – version RV33
  • Visibility: laminated reflection
  • Waterproofing & Breathability: 3L GORE-TEX® fabric
  • Composition: 100% Polyamide
  • Fit: tour fit | regular
  • Adjustability: adjustment strap | adjustment tabs
  • Ventilation: VCS | zippers
  • Features: stretch panels | short and long connection zipper | adjustable protector pockets | calf zippers | grip panel at seat | YKK slide lock front closure | prepared for Strapper suspenders
  • Pockets: slit pockets

More info: This document explains some of the features and materials listed above. (Not all REV’IT! products have all the features or materials listed. Use your back button after viewing.)

Please Note: We can ship REV’IT! products to US, US territory or APO/FPO addresses only (per manufacturer’s restrictions).

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Sizing Information

We measured and tried on a selection of these pants and we developed a size chart to help you choose a size based upon your waist and inseam. The size chart below is partially ours and partially REV’IT’s chart. The largest waist size listed in the chart are with the waist adjusters full open. The waist size adjustment straps work pretty well to give you size adjustability… we estimate about 2” as the range indicates.

As you can see in the chart, the pants are available in regular, short and tall inseam sizes, so choose the inseam you normally wear in slacks or jeans. The pants also have adjustability of the armor height (independent of inseam length) which can be accessed by pulling each leg inside out (see our photo gallery for a pic of this). Velcro allows you to set the armor in different spots and you can check how the armor feels on your knee when you are sitting on the bike and decide which position seems best.

Pant Size Waist Range Inseam Reg Inseam Short Inseam Tall
Small 28-30 33 31 35
Medium 31-33 33 31 35
Large 34-36 34 32 36
XL 37-39 34 32 36
XXL 40-42 34 32 36
XXXL 42-44 35 32 36
XXXXL 44-46 35 32 36

Measurement tip: With a style like this that MAY be used as an overpant, you’ll want to measure your waist over the clothing you intend to wear under the pants. And measure yourself fairly high up the waist because protective style pants like this are cut to ride higher on your waist than a lot of modern jean styles (so relying just upon the size jeans you buy might result in motorcycle pants that are too small). Right below the navel is about the right height on the waist for measurement.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

The Globe GTX pants are a heavy duty waterproof all purpose riding pant complete with armor and a host of features.

The shell of the Globe GTX are made of a bonded Gore-Tex material, which means the waterproofing is bonded to the shell material. And the shell material itself is a very tight weave fabric that feel like it would resist any sort of intrusion and wouldn’t be absorbent itself (just confirming what REVIT says below). Just to give you an idea, the material feels somewhat like the material used in dry bags… very tough and VERY waterproof. I’d put the overall toughness on par with what you feel in Aerostich jackets and pants (if you have ever seen and felt those).

Since the shell material is bonded, it means that the zippered venting just flows right into the pants when they are open and so you’ll get max flow. And with these pants, the zip vent is positioned on the thigh, just inside of center. And there is a large flap over the zipper and its made such that the flap will serve as a “scoop” to grab the wind. Many pants have the flap such that the opening faces to the back, which won’t flow as well, but these ought to do VERY well.

The overall cut of this pant is not slim, but not too baggy either. I’d say somewhere between a trim cut pant and an off-road/adventure pant. I think the cut of these pants could work for just about any type of rider. They aren’t built as “overpants” so they don’t have the long side zippers down the leg, but they could be used that way too if you don’t mind taking off your boots to get out of them, like say a commuter would.

You get a full armor set for the knees and the hips, and it is REVIT’s good stuff. The knee armor pocket is long and has three parallel rows of Velcro so you can position the knee armor at different heights to suit your body and riding position. Its sort of a “high-med-low” setup. Knee armor in pants always falls down below the idea placement when you stand, so adjust the height of the armor to be the best when you are in the riding position.

Other nice things: two LARGE pockets in front with waterproof zippers and flaps over the zippers so you stuff will be kept dry. NIght time reflectives are incorporated on the sides of the legs. Both long and short zippers are included at the waist to match with REVIT jackets and the waist has side adjusters to get the fit right. And like nearly all REVIT pants, these have the GREAT sliding closure at the waist. Its so much better than snaps or hooks found elsewhere.

Be sure to consider the optional Strapper Suspenders with this pants. Heavy duty pants are, well… heavy and those suspenders will help you be comfortable with the fit. The waist band of the pant is set up for those. :: Paul, 10-17-18

REVIT says: We’ve created the Globe GTX trousers with a dual purpose in mind. It can be worn in two different ways depending on what your needs are. They can be worn over your “normal” trousers as a pair of high-end waterproof pants. Or, they can be worn as a pair of basic, go-to adventure pants. The choice is yours. They’re constructed from a 2L GORE-TEX® shell, has almost no water pick-up, and therefore stays dry, lightweight and reduces the transmission of cold to your body.

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