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Extuff Helmet Hook

  • The Helmet Hook is made from 1/4” ABS Plastic and is very strong
  • The Helmet Hook is compatible with virtually every bike on the market. Street Bike, Dirt Bike, ATV, etc.
  • No more hanging it on the rear view mirrors only to have to readjust them
  • Can be hung from the strap, D ring and even the ratcheting type strap
  • Optional lock to secure your helmet to the bike
  • Comes with a Lifetime warranty
  • Do NOT ride with anything hanging on the Helmet Hook!
  • You will need Bar End Weights or Hand Guards to mount the Helmet Hook to the handlebars

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Sizing Information

There is now an EXTRA washer included if your bolt going into the handlebar is too big for the current washer (BMW’s for instance have thicker bolts). If so, just push the current washer out with your finger and push the other one in. Note that the extra washer does not FIT as tightly as the original washer and the reason is that the original one is made for the Helmet Hook. The second one was added afterward and as such, doesn’t fit tightly. This may mean that when tightened, the Helmet Hook will still spin freely (some users prefer this) but if you prefer a tighter fit BUT need a bigger hole for thicker bolts, you can of course always drill the original washer out to your specifications. IN such case, we would suggest removing the washer before drilling and then replacing it back into the Helmet Hook.

Our Two Cents

A customer (Dave S. in Ohio) sent us an email, and said he would like to be able to get one of these hooks. After taking a look at the hook I thought this is one of the coolest little gadgets I have come across in a long time. It is a simple concept yet so brilliant. I don’t know how many times I have almost dropped my helmet when I stop for gas or run into the store to pick something up real quick only to come out and find my helmet on the ground. Well no more! The great thing is you can get the lock with it and secure the helmet to the bike so you don’t have to worry about someone making off with your lid. You can find the lock in the drop down menu above. The Helmet Hook is simple and easy to install, so you do not have to be mechanically inclined or hold a degree in engineering. The best part of this whole thing is the guy who invented the Helmet Hook donates a portion of each sale to a charity for animal rescue. Check it out here The way I see it no one should have to worry about dropping their helmet again. Thank you Dave for your suggestion and thank you George for making something we all needed. – Aaron 05/21/2014

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Patrick B.
Location: New York

Gloves fit great.. decent protection. Hook fit good and is a must have if you ride a decent amount of time. (Read more...)

From: Curtis C.
Location: Seattle, WA

Extuff Helmet Hook: As stated in the item info this Hook fits virtually every motorcycle -- except mine. The BMW F800ST has bar end weights with a recess at the handlebar end. And the plug in the handlebar end has a male boss (with internal fem... (Read more...)