Cortech The Associate Gloves ::

Cortech The Associate Gloves

  • 0.7-0.8mm goat leather outer shell
  • 100% polyester tricot lining
  • Accordion stretch panels across backhand and fingers
  • Perforated top and bottom fingers
  • Outside pinky overlay
  • Reinforced palm and thumb overlay
  • Foam rubber padding at heel of palm
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Touchscreen compatible material on thumbs and index fingers
  • High tenacity 100% polyester thread

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Sizing Information

These gloves run a bit smaller than normal. We suggest that you go with a size up from what you would normally wear. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

The Associate is another of a new group of gloves by Cortech for 2019. These are an all leather glove with retro styling and a bit longer cuff.

Check out the similar Slacker and Scrapper gloves by Cortech. The Associate is sort of a hybrid between those two styles, but with a bit longer cuff. Why have a longer cuff? Well, it gives just a touch more coverage over your wrists if you fall, but what I like about a slightly longer cuff is the coverage over the wrist to protect from sun. Ouch, what an uncomfortable place to get a sunburn! These gloves will be long enough to tuck under your jacket/shirt sleeve to prevent this.

The accordion leather over the knuckles flexes well and the rolls of leather acts as a bit of padding too. A pad of dense foam is in the heel of the hand too.

Like the Slacker glove, the Associate is a solid leather gloves design for more mild weather. There are a few vent holes but air flow will be limited. You’ll find these gloves to be comfortable in fall and spring weather. They’ll be able to handle cool mornings better than vented or fully-perforated gloves. These gloves have a very comfortable nylon liner which allows you to slide your hands in easily. The liner makes them VERY comfortable, and you’ll like that the dye from the back side of the leather won’t come off on your hands like it can in unlined gloves.

This glove is just a few bucks more than the others, for mainly the longer cuff. :: Paul, 09-17-19

Cortech says: “The Associate” mid-length leather glove is more of the strong silent type. Deliberate and tasteful styling cues paired with powerful protective features, result in the perfect mix of brawn and beauty. The perfect partner for all roads leading nowhere.

Happy Customers Who Bought This Product

From: Brian J.
Location: Ohio

Since I already reviewed the Thunderbird vest in another section, I will concentrate on the gloves in this review. The Cortech Associate Glove is a great product. For reference, my hand measures inches around. (Read more...)

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