Cortech Adrenaline 2.0 Jacket ::

Cortech Adrenaline 2.0 Jacket (SOLD OUT)

  • Constructed using 1.2-1.4mm top grade drum dyed leather
  • Perforated panels for maximum airflow
  • Low-profile aerodynamic speed hump to reduce air friction while riding
  • Removable CE-approved KNOX® shoulder and elbow armor
  • Removable CE-approved dual-density KNOX® back protector
  • Accordion expansion panels at the shoulders, elbows, and waist for flexible performance fit
  • Heavy-duty stretch panels in the arms for ease of movement
  • TPU molded stainless steel external armor in the shoulders and elbows for increased protection
  • Pre-curved sleeves for performance fit
  • Adjustable waist belts help to fine tune the fit
  • Removable, insulated vest liner adds warmth
  • 360º and 8” jacket-to-pant attachment zipper with pant side included
  • Zippered chest mesh liner pocket
  • Triple-stitched with high strength, bonded nylon thread
  • Soft neoprene collar for added comfort
  • Snap-lock zipper pulls on cuffs to eliminate flapping
  • Mesh-lined, zippered hand pockets that double as vents when open
  • Heavy duty YKK® Original Zippers

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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Sizing Information

We checked the sizing of this style with our Fit Check mannequins Huey and Dewey. They are wearing size Medium and XL jackets respectively. These are their “usual” sizes and they just BARELY will zip up. We also measured a selection of sizes and found the jackets to fit small by about one full size as compared to normal men’s US sizing. Cortech’s own size chart confirms they fit small.

We advise that most people should choose one size larger than they wear in men’s clothing. And to double check your size selection, we encourage you to measure your chest and belly and refer to the size chart below. Choose a size that is big enough for your chest, and also make sure it will be big enough for your belly as well This is a sport jacket and should fit snug, and like other sport cut jacket, this one tapers quite a bit from chest to waist… about 6”. For example, we list the size XL as a 44 max chest and the max belly for that jacket is about 38, so it is important to make sure the jacket you choose will be big enough for both your chest AND belly.

For a sport jacket like this, you’ll want to evaluate the fit while in a riding position with the arms reaching forward. A good fit will feel good in this position, but may feel tight and restrictive in a normal arms-down standing position. When standing, it will be more comfortable to just unzip the jacket and let it hang open.

The chart below is based upon our own measurements and the max chest sizes correspond to Cortech’s own sizing advice.

Alpha Size Max Chest Size Max Belly
Small 38 32
Medium 40 34
Large 42 36
XL 44 38
XXL 46 40
XXXL 51 45

Our Two Cents

This new Cortech Adrenaline 2.0 jacket is a new design that includes features for sport and race riding. The overall fit of the jacket is very trim and snug… very much like the top half of a one piece race suit. The leather used in this jacket is very heavy duty and thick, but it is not too stiff. And the comfort of the jacket is helped by the use of the large stretch Kevlar material on the inside of the arm and the large leather expansion panels built into the shoulder area behind each arm. The stretch panels are important in a jacket like this because it is meant to be a snug fit jacket and those panels allow you to get that fit, but at the same time allow comfort and movement.

An aerodynamic speed hump is also include with the jacket. The hump helps aerodynamics by completing the shape from your helmet down the back of the jacket to the middle of the back. It can also help in a fall because if you land on your back/head the hump will help bridge the gap between your helmet and back and help keep your head from being wrenched forward. And it can absorb impact on the back of the neck area too (it is filled with a firm foam material).

The shoulder, elbows and back armor is all CE certified and is made by Knox, which is a well-know brand of armor used in all kinds of riding apparel. The back pad is quite firm and thick and feels sturdy. It is a combination of softer foam and it also has blocks of firm energy absorbing foam sandwiched in between. That firm foam is similar to what you see in helmets. It crushes upon impact and absorbs energy. I think the armor set-up is very good as-is. The shoulders and elbows on this style have some rubber/metal “sliders” to beef up the impact protection. Those armor pieces will promote sliding on the pavement and will help disperse sharp impacts (along with the CE armor underneath). And of course they look sharp and add to the sport styling of the jacket.

This jacket has good size panels of perforated leather material on the front and back and also the front and back of the arms, so it should flow some good air when moving and it will be comfortable in warmer weather. And for cooler weather, you can use the thermal vest liner that is included. The vest liner won’t block the air flowing in, so consider this jacket to be a good one for very warm to cool weather, but not cold weather.

This jacket has both short and full around zippers for connection to Cortech pants. When zipped to the pants, you’ll have the equivalent of a good 2pc suit which would be great for sport riding and/or amateur racing. With the speed hump, external armor/sliders and brand-name armor, I think this jacket offers a lot for the price point. And the overall feel and finish quality are very good. I like it! :: Paul, 09-21-17