Scorpion SG3 MK II Gloves ::

Scorpion SG3 MK II Gloves

  • The Next Generation of our Best-Selling SG3 Glove
  • High End Protection and Great Dexterity and Fit in a Full-Length Gauntlet
  • Top Quality Goat Leather
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced TPU Knuckle Protector
  • Knox SPS® Palm Sliders
  • Hard TPU Finger Protectors
  • Protective Padded Pisiform Protector (a bone in the wrist)
  • Dual Closure Gauntlet & Strap
  • Digital Embossed Palm Grip Reinforcement
  • Perforated Leather Back of Hand
  • Pre-Curved Palm and Fingers
  • Touch Screen Compatible Index Finger

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Sizing Information

Scorpion gloves generally fit consistently with other US brands, but I find these SG3 MK II gloves to fit a bit on the snug side. They fit like the European brands we sell such as Alpinestars and REVIT, which are about 1/2 size more snug than most others. If you are between sizes choose the larger, but otherwise choose the size you normally wear. If you have no previous experience with glove sizing, go here for help.

Our Two Cents

These SG3 MK II gloves from Scorpion look to be a great sport/street choice, or even amateur racing glove. The overall feel is that of quality and they have a lot of race-ready protective features you’d find on more expensive race gloves.

The knuckles are covered by a LARGE floating armor piece consisting of hard knuckle protectors, impact foam and leather. The entire piece is situated so that it “floats” over the knuckles. This means that it is unattached to the glove on the side closest to your wrist, and so when you make a fist, the armor still covers your knuckles, but isn’t put in a bind… the rear floats above the glove, and so the whole thing is very comfortable to wear.

The palm of the hand has two pieces of the Knox armor material. It is a hard plastic that is sewn into the palm area, and these armor pieces will act as sliders should you hit the pavement. Most people will extend their hands out to help break a fall and these sliders promote sliding of the glove rather than “catching” on the pavement and tending to twist the wrist. And of course the sliders will provide abrasion protection so the gloves doesn’t wear through in that area.

There are other misc armor pieces too… smaller TPU protectors on the backs of the fingers and some extra padding over the outside wrist bone. The gauntlet has a foam pad and a harder plastic armor piece too. And finally there are some dense padded pieces on the side of the pinkie and the outside of the thumb. A really nice package overall.

The gloves run snug so see my sizing advice above. The leather is soft and of high quality so I think they will break in comfortably. The fingers are a “box” style meaning that the seams of the fingers are sewn on the outside rather than being turned inside toward the fingers. Most good gloves are made this way and that type of construction is more comfortable and easier to break in.

For the price, I think these gloves are a good value. They offer a lot of higher-end protective features and the overall construction isn’t “cheap” feeling like you can find with other entry level priced full gauntlet gloves. :: Paul, 01-25-16