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Icon Compound Mesh Overpants

  • Icon overpant fit pattern
  • Durable leather and Fighter Mesh™ chassis
  • Removable/adjustable CE knee impact protectors
  • 2-way side zipper
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Ratchet waist closure
  • Ribbed flex panels on knees
  • Zippered side pockets for secure storage

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Sizing Information

These pants are sold in men’s waist sizes. The pants are already over-sized with the idea you’d wear them over jeans or other street clothes. The actual waistband measurement of each size pant is pretty consistently about 2” larger than stated which should provide enough room for even bulky clothes underneath. The waist has two side adjustment tabs and the main waist closure is also adjustable. With all the adjusters, you can snug down the waist from its max size about 2” to 3”.

If you plan to wear these pants over shorts, underwear, or similar thin clothing, then I’d advise you to buy one size smaller than you normally wear.

The overall size and cut of the pants is generous, so if you are sometimes between two sizes, then try the smaller.

The inseam of the pants is about 34 or 35 inches in the 28 to 36 size range and varies from 36 to 37 for sizes 38 and above. The ends of the pants are constructed much like chaps. The side zipper does not go all the way to the bottom and a couple snaps are used to finish closing them at the very bottom. This allows you to trim the pants with shears if necessary. The way the snaps are arranged, you could easily trim about 3” off the bottom. You’ll just have to try the pants on with your jeans and while sitting on the bike to see what seems to work. There are a lot of factors that will come into play…. how high you wear the pants on your waist, the bulkiness of the clothing underneath, etc. Don’t cut until you are sure you are keeping them!

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Our Two Cents

The Compound Mesh Overpants are definitely heavy duty. The leather is thick and the hardware used is strong. The two long side zippers they use look like they might weigh a pound or more just by themselves! These pants are definitely rugged. As their name implies, they are made to be worn over street clothes (although you wouldn’t have to). The long side zippers are used to allow you to step in and out of the pants without having to find a place to change clothes. The side zippers zip up from the bottom, but also have a slide to allow you to zip them down from the top to easily reach for your wallet or keys in your jeans pocket underneath. The waist is adjustable (as discussed above). The pants have knee/shin protectors. The knee armor is adjustable by placing it in one of three pockets that overlay each other. Each pocket is at a bit higher position. By changing pockets, you change the height of the knee armor. This works well with the trim-able nature of the legs at the ends (also discussed above).

This version of these pants is the leather and mesh version. There is also a leather and textile version (see below). The solid textile version would provide a bit better comfort if you mainly ride in cold to mild weather. The mesh/leather version will flow some air and would work from cool to warm weather. I wouldn’t expect the difference in the comfortable temp range for either version to be radically different since the amount of non-leather materials used is not a large part of the pant. And the parts that it is used on are not exposed to direct wind blast when riding. So don’t sweat that part of the buying decision too much.

Overall, these pants appear to be heavy duty and very well made. Of course for the kind of money they cost, you’d expect that, wouldn’t you! Paul :: 03-27-12