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Bull-it SP120 Lite Straight Fit Jeans (42x34 Only)

  • New Covec SP120 LITE liner (AAA achieved for abrasion).
  • Available in Slim/Straight/Easy.
  • High performance Cut and Abrasion resistance.
  • Lower thermal conductivity, reduces chances of friction burns.
  • Hip and knee armor pockets.
  • Traditional 5 pocket denim jean design.
  • Flat Bull-it logo rivets and buttons for the front and YKK Zips.

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Sizing Information

We measured a number of sizes in these jeans and find they are much like other jeans you’d buy these days. They are just a “vanity” sized in the waist. Across the size run, the actual measured waist band is just about 1”or 2” larger than the stated size, which is typical vanity sizing. So my primary advice would be to buy the waist size you normally wear in jeans; you’ll likely find a fit. If you are between sizes, I’d suggest buying the smaller due to the stretch component of the fabric.

The jeans include armor in the hips and knees. And due to the slight stretchiness of the jeans, the armor inserts really don’t make a difference in the sizing so we don’t advise up-sizing for armor.

If you aren’t sure whether your jeans are vanity sized like I’m describing, then use a tape and measure around your waist where your normal jeans ride or measure the waist band of your favorite pair of jeans to verify. You’ll likely find that your waist and also the waist band of your favorite jeans measures out about one inch bigger than the jean’s stated size. If so, you will be on track following my advice.

Different inseams are available in most sizes, so choose the inseam you normally wear in jeans. Any kind of pant jean on a bike will ride up a bit when you sit on the saddle, so when in doubt, choose the longer length. Likewise, if you like to (or don’t mind) rolling up the end of your jeans, you can choose a longer inseam to make sure you have enough length when sitting on the bike.

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Our Two Cents

Bull-it SP120 Lite jeans are Bull-it’s newest and most protective jean. The styling makes them look like ordinary jeans and they are woven with stretch materials to make them comfortable on the bike. The jeans are fitted with pockets for level 1 or 2 armor. A wide variety of sizes and fits are available.

The SP120 Lite jeans are made of a slightly-stretchy denim frame that is reinforced with Covec liner material to improve the slide performance. The SP120 offers the highest slide rating (as described below in their product info). This jean is similar to the now-discontinued SR6 line but with the Covec liner placed in more strategic places inside the jean rather than lining the entire jean interior as with the SR6. The “LIte” in the product name refers to the jeans being lighter and thinner than the SR6. In this jean, you’ll find the liner behind the front side of the jean from the waist to below the knee, and in the back over the butt.

The SP120 Lite jean product comes in three “fits”: Slim, Straight and Easy. As the names imply, the Slim fit will be the most narrow through the legs, the Straight version will fit like “ordinary” straight cut jeans. And the Easy fit jeans have extra room in the legs, and while not “baggy” they are more roomy. Take the links below to choose the fit you like.

You can beef up the protection package of the SP120 Lite jeans by adding armor units to the knees and/or hips. Two armor designs are available. Take the links below to view the options. The CE level 2 yellow units are soft and pliable and thicker. They are much like D3O armor we sell which is very popular in a number of brands. Bull-it’s Phantom armor is MUCH more flexible and significantly thinner. It is similar to REVIT’s SeeSmart or Dainese ProShape products. The CE 2 armor will be favored by those that want the max impact protection available and who don’t mind the armor showing through the jean a bit. The Phantom armor won’t show through nearly and much and you won’t be able to feel the thickness or weight like the CE 2 product. For the slim jean, I think the Phantom would be a good choice since the armor is much more likely to show through a jean that fits so slim. For the Easy or Straight you could go either way… it would just be your preference.

Note: Although Bull-it says their Phantom armor is rated CE level 2, I’m skeptical. Dainese’s and REVIT’s similar products are both rated level 1 and I just can’t imagine how the Phantom armor can absorb impact as well as the CE 2 product. I’d advise you to consider this as a CE 1 product.

Bull-it’s SP120 Lite jeans are the best of their current product offering. They fit nice and offer very good protection. :: Paul, 08-05-19

Bull-it jean product comparison: If you are comparing jean models from this brand it may be helpful to know the key differences between the three current models. Here is the short summary:

SR6 – This is the original Bull-it jean; full length abrasion resistant liner, no stretch denim; rated for 7.4 seconds abrasion protection rated

SP120 Lite – Introduced in 2018; abrasion resistant liner in only the contact points (hips and knee area), 4 way stretch denim, 7.4 second rating (in contact points only, not the entire jean)

Tactical – Introduced in 2019, Covec is woven into the denim (no separate abrasion resistant liner), 4.8 seconds abrasion protection rated

Bullit says: The SP120 LITE range is a high performance protective motorcycle jean, tested to the incoming en17092 standard. Bull-it’s SP120 LITE range has achieved the AAA rating (120KPH or 75MPH) for abrasion resistance.

The SP120 LITE is a fashionable denim jean, available in Slim, Straight and Easy fit. Bull-it have optimised the ride height of the waist to ensure the best coverage, comfort and fit in a riding position. Fashion is achieved through the cut of the slim, straight and easy leg. A wick away mesh liner is included, as well as knee and hip armor pockets designed to fit Covec’s range of impact protectors. Ideal for hot and cold climates, Covec’s SP120 liner keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. As with all Bull-it products, these jeans have a shower-resistant finish.

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