Sena 20S Honda Goldwing Wired Headset Clamp ::

Sena 20S Honda Goldwing Wired Headset Clamp (SOLD OUT)

  • Communicate with the CB radio built into the onboard audio system using the clamp kit’s microphone. Simply push the PTT button connected to a Honda Goldwing motorcycle to say something through the CB radio.
  • All sounds (including CB radio, GPS navigation, or FM radio) from the on-board audio system can be mixed with 20S sound sources (intercom, MP3 music, phone…) The 20S-A0204 can connect to Honda Goldwing onboard audio system with the included adaptor cable.
  • You can use the CB/Audio Helmet Clamp with the 20S main module. Without the 20S main module, you can use the CB radio and onboard audio system, as a wired headset.

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This Product is Currently Unavailable
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