Schuberth Warranty Info

The 5 YEARS SCHUBERTH STANDARD GUARANTEE covers all parts of the helmet without any additional cost for the customer

SCHUBERTH has ambitious goals: the highest standards of quality, maximum safety, and the best possible helmets. This also includes having the best possible warranty, which is why SCHUBERTH offers a five-year warranty from date of purchase on all its motorcycle helmets – worldwide, without any additional cost, covering the entire helmet and without any loopholes.

To bring a claim under the manufacturer’s guarantee proof of purchase is of course required. To avoid purchasers having to hold on to their receipt for five years, they can register their helmet free of charge at and upload the proof of purchase. Purchasers can also view the general terms and conditions of business for the guarantee there. Purchasers will note that in addition to wear and tear, only damage resulting from improper use, incorrect care and tampering with or modifying the helmet is excluded from the guarantee. Although damage to the helmet caused by an accident is not covered by the guarantee and will not be repaired for safety reasons in any circumstances, SCHUBERTH does offer the owner the opportunity to purchase an identically constructed helmet at a third of the current, non-binding recommended retail price. The free registration on the SCHUBERTH website is therefore doubly worthwhile. SCHUBERTH CEO Jan-Christian Becker: “I am sure that the 5 YEARS SCHUBERTH STANDARD GUARANTEE gives a further reason to choose SCHUBERTH.”

For further information regarding the guarantee coverage, please see the guarantee terms and conditions on WWW.SCHUBERTH.COM/EN/PRODUCTS/MOTORBIKES/WARRANTY-REGISTRATION.HTML

First Step
You can register your helmet for warranty here.