NEXX Helmets Warranty Info


The 2-year NEXX Helmets warranty provides a guarantee to the first buyer that a defective product shall be replaced or repaired free of charge, provided that this does not cover issues beyond the manufacturer’s control, such as normal wear and tear or damage to the helmet resulting from an accident, fall or abusive use.

To ensure proper maintenance and your safety, NEXX Helmets strongly recommends that you always read the product manual very carefully before using the helmet and that you always keep the helmet in a safe place.

Warranty Policy and Procedures

All warranty-related complaints should be lodged at the NEXX Helmets Dealer where the helmet was acquired.

In order for the warranty-related complaint to be considered, the buyer must notify the Dealer about the problem, presenting the proof of purchase document / original receipt and filling in the complaint form.

After receiving the complaint form, NEXX North America shall evaluate it.

If the warranty is activated, NEXX North America shall do everything in its power to rapidly assist the client; however, it must be noted that the length of the assistance period shall depend on the technical evaluation of the product, with a maximum duration of 15 days (counting from the date of receival of the product at NEXX North America installations).

If the delivery of the helmet is considered or justified, the factory must always issue a received request number.

NEXX North America shall repair or replace the helmet or helmet part (s) and return the item (s) to the store where the request was made.

Conversely, if the complaint is not justified, received and delivery costs shall be billed to the client store.

Should NEXX North America be obliged to replace the helmet or helmet parts as per the warranty, NEXX Helmets reserves the right to execute the job under the terms of the warranty, using replacement parts from the most recent or compatible version with the same value.

NEXX North America shall return any product immediately if the Client fails to respect the methods and time limits foreseen in the attendant legislation relative to the communication of the warranty activation; or if the product is not properly packaged and accompanied by a copy of the proof of purchase document.

NEXX North America is not responsible for any damage suffered by the product during its transport due to insufficient packaging

First Step
In order to use the warranty, you should contact the dealer (retail outlet or website) from which you made your purchase.