Helite Warranty Info

All Helite vests and jackets are covered by a two year manufacturer’s warranty against defects etc. Helite can repair and service your airbag after a crash if needed. We charge for servicing on a case by case basis.


This warranty covers the repair and/or replacement of your Helite vest/jacket in the event of a crash.

  • The warranty begins on the original date of purchase and will continue through the Warranty Period (l-year).
  • Warranty valid only on Helite products purchased from Helite Moto or an authorized Helite reseller (MotorcycleGear.com is!).
  • To receive warranty service, you must (1) supply proof of purchase valid within the warranty period, (2) provide a copy of police/accident report.
  • Services include either the repair or the replacement of your damaged jacket or vest.

First Step
Contact HELITE at:

Phone: (510) 595-3300 ext. 3

Shipping address: 5456 Louie Lane Reno, NV 89511