AGV Warranty Info

The AGV warranty has a validity of 5 years. The AGV warranty covers any type of manufacturing defect or faulty materials used to manufacture the product.

Any failure of the product to satisfy your expectations, however caused, may not be considered as a defect for purposes of this warranty.
The AGV warranty is excluded if the date of the claim falls later than 7 years after the date of the manufacture of the product.
The warranty does not cover the accessories that are covered by statutory warranty.

The warranty does not cover, under any circumstances, damages deriving from: improper use; normal wear and tear; tampering; incorrect maintenance of the helmet and the components such as the visor, its interior, the chin strap and the varnish and/or incorrect storage of the product; negligence or lack of care; damage caused by falling and/or accidents, or by alterations caused by external causes, including any repairs performed by unauthorized people; damages caused by other factors/actions beyond the control of AGV; subjective assessments of the user, such as comfort, noise, aerodynamics, whistling, etc.; damage caused by prolonged exposure to sources of light/uv rays (for example, in particular, to the fluorescent varnishes) and/or heat.

LIMITATIONS – The warranty does not cover AGV products you may have purchased which do not comply with the regulations in force in the country of use.

LOSS OF THE WARRANTY- The use and the assembly of unauthorized accessories causes the immediate loss of the warranty.

First Step
In order to use the warranty, you should contact the dealer (retail outlet or website) from which you made your purchase.