Tour Master Synergy 7.4v User Guide

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INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing our Tourmaster® Synergy® 7.4V battery and charger; please read the entire user manual prior to use. The Tourmaster® Synergy® 7.4V battery is a slim and lightweight lithium-ion external battery pack designed specifically for use with Tourmaster® Synergy® 7.4V heated apparel and gloves.

  • Ultra-lightweight construction reduces bulk & weight
  • LED battery power gauge (Part #8761-7401-01)
  • Extended runtimes up to 10 hours
  • AC and DC charging options


  • Do not wear against bare skin
  • Should only use the battery provided with garment/gloves
  • Do not attempt to disassemble or alter any part of product
  • Do not store below -4ºF (-20ºC) or above 140ºF (60ºC).
  • Do not allow batteries/charger to come into contact with water or other liquids. If water or other liquids enter the battery interior, immediately unplug the product from the battery. Continued use of the product may result in fire or an electrical shock.
  • Do not place this product near a heat source or expose battery to direct flame or heat, as the battery may explode.
  • Disconnect the battery pack from garment/gloves when not in use, because even when it is turned off, the garment will continue to slowly drain power from the battery pack.



It is important to maintain at least 25% of your battery power when it is not in use. Failure to do this will result in performance problems and reduced battery life. Be certain to use your battery with product with an amp rating less than the maximum capacity output rating for the battery. For instance, the li-ion battery has a maximum capacity output rating of 2 amps and should not be used with heated products that draw more than 2 amps. Please check product’s amp draw before connecting battery pack. Failure to do so can overheat the battery, causing damage.

  • Plug wall charger into a properly rated AC outlet
  • Plug car charger into a properly rated DC outlet
  • The charger’s indicator light will shine RED during the charging phase of the battery; once fully charged, the indicator light will shine GREEN
  • Battery is equipped with a power function that serves two purposes. The button allows the user to check the remaining charge in the battery pack as well as turn the battery on and off.
  • The remaining power level indicator is only activated when the battery is off and disconnected. The LED lights will display the battery’s current charge from 25% to 100%. 100% indicates a full charge. Press and release power button to check battery strength.
  • To turn battery on, press and hold power button until you hear an audible beep, and a single LED is on. This indicates that the battery is now live (on), and the garment can now be controlled via the button located on the chest of the garment.
  • To turn battery off, press and hold power button until you hear an audible beep and the single LED light is off. This will indicate that the battery is no longer live (off), at which time you should
LED Color
Power Level
Temperature Duration
2.5 Hours
75% 120F 3 Hours
105F 5 Hours
Blue 25%
90F 10 Hours