Scorpion Adult Helmet Sizing Chart

The first step in the fitting process is to measure around your head at the temple above the eye brow.

Head Circumference (Inches) Size Hat Size Head Circumference (Metric)
20 7/8” to 21 1/4” XS 6 5/8 to
6 3/4
21 5/8” to 22” SM 6 7/8 to
22 7/16” to 22 13/16” MD 7 1/8 to
7 1/4
23 1/8” to 23 5/8” LG 7 3/8 to
7 1/2
24” to 24 3/8” XL 7 5/8 to
7 3/4
24 13/16” to 25 3/16” XXL 7 7/8 to
25 9/16” to 26” XXXL 8 to
8 1/4

The next step in the fitment process are fitment checks. The following tests should be performed with the chin strap properly and securely in place. Helmet movement should also move the skin on your face and scalp. Helmets will fit snug when new and have a break in period. The helmet should not fit so tight as to cause discomfort or pain. If your measurement is at the upper number of any size range, start at that range then move up as needed.

  1. With the helmet in place and chin strap secured, shake your head side to side; if the helmet moves independently of your head then the helmet is too big. When performing this test, the helmet liner and cheek pads should be in direct contact with your skin. While shaking, your skin should move with the helmet.
  2. Place one hand directly behind your head and push forward. Use your other hand and try to slip your little finger between your forehead and the helmet EPS liner. If you are able to slip your finger in, the helmet is too big.
  3. To test for helmet lift, place one hand on the chin bar and push up (while the chin strap is secured); if the helmet comes off your head it is too big. Next, place one hand on the back and push up again; if your helmet lifts off your head the helmet is too big.