How do I choose between the SMH10 w/Boom Mic and the SMH10 w/Universal Mic Kit?

It’s really a matter of personal preference. The standard boom mic setup can be used on full face, modular/flip up front, and open face 3/4 helmets (not 1/2 helmets). Riders with full face helmets like the universal mic kit because it includes the wired mic option which is great if you don’t have enough room between your mouth and your helmet for the boom mic. That being said, the attachable boom mic that is included with the universal mic kit is necessary on many modular/flip up front helmets, here’s why…

Installing an intercom on a modular/flip up front helmet can be a problem if the mounted location of the intercom interferes with the movable part (the front) of the helmet. Simply moving the intercom farther back on the helmet does not work in most cases because boom mic ends up too far away from your mouth by the time the intercom is moved back far enough that it does not interfere with the movable part of the helmet. Unfortunately there is no way to know (before you purchase it) if the SMH10 is going to work on your modular/flip up front helmet with the standard boom mic kit or if you will need the attachable boom mic found in the universal mic kit.

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