One of the most difficult things for us about selling motorcycle riding gear online is advising customers on helmet fit. Overall size is a factor but matching the shape of your head to the internal shape of the helmet is just as important. You might have some experience in trying on a few new helmets or have a brand preference, but there are just so many brands and models! And the shapes of different models vary… even within a single brand. All these fit issues are why we created the LidPicker.

The LidPicker is a database of helmet measurements that works with special software to compare your own head shape and size to the interior shape and size of all the helmets in the LidPicker database, and then we prepare a custom report to show you which helmets are the best match.

If you need help finding a fit, visit the LidPicker website to learn more…

  • See relative shape and size of all the helmets in our database (free data!)
  • View a sample LidPicker report
  • Order a LidPicker measuring kit and report
  • Read reviews on the LidPicker by other riders
  • Find links to “official” fit advice by various helmet manufacturers

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