Your Credit Card Info Is Safe With Us

At you can buy products with a credit card or with Paypal. I can tell you with confidence that using either form of payment is safe with us. Why? We don’t maintain customer accounts on our site that store payment information… period! And that makes it pretty darn hard for somebody to steal your payment info.

For credit card payments, we use a technology called “transparent redirect”. Put simply, that means that when you type your payment information into the boxes on our checkout page, the information is securely transmitted directly to our credit card processor. And when the charge is completed, we finalize the order.

The advantage to us and you of doing business this way is that we will never have to notify you that your credit card information has been breached by hackers.

Yes, when you place repeat orders, you will have to type in your payment information each and every time, but you’ll do so knowing it won’t be stolen and we think that is a small inconvenience for knowing your information is safe. And even though we don’t maintain “customer accounts”, you can still view order status, see tracking, arrange returns, request Loyalty Credits and check/combine gift card codes right on our site.