Alfred L from Canada

February 23, 2008
After I found out that pants are actually a very important piece of gear, I immediately tried to find a pair of pants, but since I ride as my main form of transportation, I didn't want to wear race-style leather pants, as it would be very inconvenient for me throughout the day. I had trouble finding a pair of pants that will protect me, be comfortable to wear throughout the day around at school/work, not make me look like an oddball, and most of all, affordable. After being recommended by a friend to, my problem was fixed, the Tour Master Jean Pant is *Perfect* for my needs in every aspect, it looks great, yet "normal", it provide armor, which is adjustable for my needs, and it's extremely affordable! I also highly recommend the Power Trip Jet Black Jacket, you can see both of these items in the picture I attached. NewEnough was also very patient with me when I made a special request about my order, of adding an item after I checked out. They were very friendly. I will definitely shop with them again. In fact, I am about to make another purchase with them. Thank you NewEnough!
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