Lou from Georgia

October 3, 2018
I've had 4 AStars jackets and finding a jacket that fits me properly with my "traction enhancer" is difficult. The Icon Motorhead fits me like it was tailored. First and most important, the elbow pads are ADJUSTABLE. It not much, only an inch, but that made the difference for me. The jacket has two elbow pockets, it's easy to miss because the higher position is inside the lower position. I put 2 CE1 D3O's to fill the sleeve a little and I felt like I hit the lottery. I replaced them with the CE2's (double the thickness of the CE1). I usually wear mesh textile jackets in the summer/spring/fall, and it's been a hot one. Removed the liner and opened the vents and I was OK on a sunny, mid 90's day with tons of humidity! I always wanted leather and I feel so protected with this jacket. It almost looks like a fashion type of leather motorcycle jacket. Was very comfortable out of the box, but after 3 months, it feels like I've had for years. MC gear.com sizing chart was a huge help. I've never had a motorcycle jacket that didn't bug me in some way, but for me, I struck gold!

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