Mike S. from Ohio

June 28, 2017
First, as such, there were no manufacturing defects with the 2013 Mesh Text Red jacket. Bought on closeout, one size large than nornmal because my existing size Large FirstGear jackets seemed to be "shrinking" in the closet, I went with XL. Mistake! I could have put put 1-1/3 of me in the jacket. Also, there are design factors, not flaws, that did not suit me. Single adjustment snap wrist cuffs; neck opening way too large, even considering size; I found the "napolean pocket" awkward; & liner attachment clumsy at best. It also felt a bit heavy and stiff, and stock shoulder pads not too comfortable (I got, but didn't install D3O's.) It's OK for some, just not for me, even had it fit. No pic of jacket, as I sent it back next day, and have exchanged for a TourMaster, for which I will post a very positive review.

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