Ronald R. from Utah

April 27, 2016
I generally wear a size 12 shoe and motorcycle boot. I took the suggestion to order one size up. I ordered a size 13 which fit. A size 12 would have been painful. I purchased the boot for the perforated leather and the mesh material on the boot. Frankly, I have not noticed a real difference in the temperature or air circulation for the boot. That might change, however, as the weather turns hot. As for the mesh component of the boot, it is covered by my pants or Levis worn over the boot so I am not certain of its effectiveness unless you tuck your pants into the boot. I like the boot, it is comfortable and provides could traction when moving or stopping my large touring cruiser. In sum, absolutely buy one size up, the boot is comfortable, functional, with protection, and I am reserving the effectiveness of the perforated leather and mesh until the weather turns hot as at the nice spring temperatures I am unable to know whether sufficient air circulation occurs inside the boot, but I am skeptical of the mesh helping as it is covered by my motorcycle pants or jeans.
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