Dan B. from California

November 1, 2015
Love this helmet. I bought it to replace an earlier IS-16. This newer model fits the same, but is quieter and has a more positive closer on the face shield. Was bummed that it didn't come with a chin curtain and am glad to see that that deficiency is now called out on the web site. I put this helmet and the Icon mesh gloves through their paces this year with a 50 mph high side get off and slide down the highway. I was on the back of my head and shoulders for most of the quick trip, but the helmet did it's job and I had no concussion. I've since replaced the helmet a the same model. I was also wearing the Icon gloves and my hands were unscathed. Gloves ended up being left on the roadside when I opted to have the tow truck drop me a the hospital -- so not sure if they were still serviceable or were sacrificed.

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