John R. from Vermont

April 28, 2014
Cortech Hydro GT Gloves: I may have to call these "Godzilla Gloves" Large, imposing, impervious to damage, not adverse to being wet and able to crush children and small cars with ease (and a bit of patience). These gloves are armored six ways from Sunday; I was showing them to my son and pointing out all the hard armor, the thick leather, the metal cap over the knuckles, the great cuff and two fastening points (a strap and some serious velcro...about as much as my sissy bar luggage has). I mentioned that I wanted to jump off my bike at 100 miles per hour and he agreed. He may have muttered something about wills and updating, but seriously, these gloves engender confidence in the ability to avoid damage. Fit is excellent. Firmly held on the hand but not so bulky that your fingers tire out from gripping the bars. I have to take it for a longer ride and some rain riding (where were you yesterday, gloves! Could have used you last night.) to get an honest appraisal of ventilation and water-proof-ed-ness. Just putting them on they seemed a bit warm (this coming from a guy who wears summer vented gloves at 50 degrees with comfort, so your mileage may vary). It does have some venting on the back of the wrist. If I can spare some time away from the oh-my-goodness-winter-is-over riding I plan to do tomorrow, will adjust this review with regards to warmth and if there are any issues. As of now, this glove is pure win and the deep discount just makes this a no-brainer if you don't mind wearing gloves that look a bit like armor. Icon Compound Mesh Glove: These too need some riding before I can give a 100% bees knees review, but from trying them on and letting the kids (intended recipients) wear them, they have a nice close but not tight feel to them. Gel palms, some great soft leather and pleated material in the bendy parts, and enough plastic/rubber in the non bendy parts to make sure they stay non-bendy. It's not vented like a summer glove but appears to be nicely placed on the spectrum for spring-fall weather, barring the majorly scorcer days. Fastens well, and the black color pattern I picked up looks pretty subtle for those who had the power ranger look but want gloves that actually have some protection built in. Joe Rocket RKT-Hybrid Helmet: This style helmet isn't my thing. I bought it for my son because he likes that it looks like Master Chief from Halo's helmet, and because it was the right size to not squeeze his cranium into the size of a lemon. Trying it on, it felt much lighter than my HJC IS16, and the visor has a wedge shape to it, plus a sun visor. To me, the most important thing is that my son will wear it, so I'm happy with it. It doesn't hurt that with the almost new sale it's cheaper than a cheap pair of leather gloves, yet is a "real" helmet. Score! On the critical front though, I don't think I would wear it myself. The chin bar area does not inspire the confidence that most full-face helmets I've worn seems a bit less substantial. The shape of the visor also makes it more difficult to raise and lower without slathering finger prints all over it, and even in the raised position it still rides low...about half position if you're like me and can't fully close your face shield because of fogging. I would only recommend this helmet if either: -You want an offroad-style helmet -Have a kid who wants to be master chief, and will be encouraged to always wear his helmet because of it -You are low on cash and your only other option is to not buy a full-face helmet. At this price point, you really can't beat it.
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