Jon L. from California

April 27, 2014
I bought this gear for my fiancee because my old gear doesn't exactly fit her very well. We put 130mi on the gear over the last week, mainly in sunny temperate weather, but also with some colder climbs through the hills. Both Trinity jacket and the HT overpants feature a zip in liner which gives them a good ability to adjust to various temperatures. The venting on the Trinity jacket work very well for a passenger as they are up on the shoulders and work like scoops. The back venting is up high, so it continued to work even while wearing a small backpack. The jacket also features a large number of pockets and adjustments. The HT overpants feature an ankle skirt which blocks wind from entering the cuff. Sizing recommendations were excellent, the fit is good with a little room for layering. The only down side of the set is that the pants and jacket have incompatible connector zips. Though this is not unexpected when you order two different brands.
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